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Aqua Kick - Electrolyte
OstroVit Aqua Kick Electrolyte 300g OstroVit Aqua Kick Electrolyte is a set of peach-flavored electrolytes in the form of a powder. The supplement is designed for persons exposed to deficiency of these valuable active ingredients. If you are an athlete,...
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Triple Magnesium + B6 P-5-P 90 caps
OstroVit Triple Magnesium + B6 P-5-P 90 caps Choose triple magnesium and vitamin B6 – ingredients which support proper operation of your organism. Triple Magnesium +B6 P-5-P has been designed to help your body and mind. See its properties! What...
Supreme Pure Magnesium Citrate 200g natural
OstroVit Magnesium Citrate 200g OstroVit Magnesium Citrate is a powdered dietary supplement developed using only the magnesium citrate desired in this case. The product is characterized by high bioavailability, laboratory fragmentation, and has not been sprinkled with unnecessary preservatives, flavors...
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