Thyme tea ECO 80g
A composition of the highest quality, carefully selected, ecological raw materials. Thyme, pine and grindelia soothe the respiratory tract. The rose supports the immune system. Thyme has an antibacterial effect and is beneficial for the digestive system. Thyme - properties...
Rosemary tea ECO 80g
A carefully selected composition of the highest quality organic fruit and herbs. Rosemary supports the functioning of the immune and digestive systems, and oregano has a positive effect on the respiratory system. The tea is distinguished by an intense, herbal-citrus,...
Romeo & Juliet Tea ECO 40g
Romeo and Juliet tea is a unique duo of herbal blends made of the highest quality ingredients. Julia tea (20g) is a delicate combination of rose, calendula petals, lemon verbena and chamomile, with a hint of precious saffron that supports...
Herbal Corner Tea ECO 80g
Delicious herbal and fruit tea with a dominant aroma of mint, forest apples and currants. Perfect to drink every day and with a meal. Mint has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, and elderberry fruit and beech tree support...
Gift Of Nature Tea ECO 60g
The Dary Natury tea is a fabulously colorful, fully natural mixture of flowers, fruits and herbs, which delights with its unique aroma and taste. The highest quality raw materials collected by hand from the cleanest corners of the country and...
Eastern Breeze Tea with Saffron ECO 80g
A subtle and aromatic composition of ecological ingredients that will allow you to enjoy the bouquet of flavors. Beautiful marigold petals are combined with aromatic vanilla, cinnamon and a hint of unique saffron. The whole is complemented by a sweet...
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